I’m am Hlulani Baloyi, a  computer science graduate who studied in Tshwane University of Technology in SA, In my final year I joined a startup called Geekulcha, where I got to work with web and mobile application, in the process I developed my love for mobile applications, specifically android so on a daily basis I get to work with android and J2me

Geekulcha introduced me to attending more Tech events which in the process I got to realise that there is a serious gap between males and females in the industry, I realised that girls/women are sitting back, I felt I could do something about this, so I started searching more of sites that speaks empowerment for women in the ICT sector, in the process I ran into Girl Rising site amongst other many, they encourages Girls education in general so I applied to be an ambassador for SA, which they appointed me, so Girl Rising partners with Intel  so when Intel found out found out about my appointment the got me to work closely with them when  it comes to introducing girls to the ICT sector, where I get to run tutoring sessions as an intro to coding,

I also started meetups with girls who are already in the ICT sector so we can build and share information as we build our portfolios in the industry,

I got to be featured in a number of articles including Htxt.women, Tech girl, Sunday time and Intel IQ site

Please check out the post entitled “Rise Oh Young girl” to see more about articles I got featured in


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Hlulani Ruth Baloyi. I’m very passionate about ICT and i hope you can share great things together. Please send me your email to continue discussions.

  2. Hi there I’ve been watching this blog for a while now and it’s good what you doing keep pushing…

    1. Ow wow…I’m out of words..#Humbled

  3. My female Role Model……

  4. Great staff

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