I’m not good enough(Deadly Imposters)

4 thoughts on “I’m not good enough(Deadly Imposters)”

  1. You were really born to inspire and to instill hope not only to Africa but to the Continents of the world.
    Keep up the good work baby.

  2. “Who the hell do you think you are”,Now that is a very sobering question,Titanic in nature,Unapologetic in it’s behavior,Been there before probably more times than I can remember,You of all people Hlulani would know best of the nature of my own impostor syndrome, I never understood how everyone expected me to have the answers whether it was about life ,about choices or whether to use a FOR loop or a WHILE loop,It hits uncomfortably home,Even now as I write this response I am melancholic and reminiscent of the times I would be sitting there by myself with,phone turned off ,hoping everyone doesn’t find this place I like to sit by myself,”I don’t know the answers,Stop coming to me,Stop asking me those questions”, and then it arrives like an expected visitor – “Who the hell do you think you are”,In that moment I realized “I do know the answers,I can actually best answer those questions”

    But I learnt with the passing of time that it would require a level of psychological and emotional hygiene that needs to be practiced the same as brushing my teeth,washing my dirty hands,if I am to stay above the waves then I need to be checking myself always,It wont be easy and at times I might be overwhelmed by the feeling and that’s okay,the point of any form of cleansing of dirt whether its physical ,psychological or otherwise is being okay with being overwhelmed,I cant fly ,I cant breathe under water but I am meant for greatness and that unfortunately is something that can never be taken away from me,So if I have to do it every day then so be it because once I am convinced of it the outside world cant steal that identity from me.

    It hits home,It hits uncomfortably home,True to it’s core,Real,Totally you Hlulani, 150% You, Sorry for the overboard response

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