My Own Mirror(The picture I see)


In the world where almost everyone feels the need to define how the next person should live their lives, a world  where a group of individuals are behaving as though they sat down in a boardroom of a company called life and got to draw a manual that in it are several rules, ranging from, how should one put on their clothes, what kind of clothes? to how to approach relationships or rather the perfect way to go the relationship route, it seems as though in this manual there’s a lots and lots of rules as far as how should one follow their believes, it’s daunting I must say.

In the midst of all this madness I was doing my errands and minding my own business when I met this girl, a girl I found really interesting and catchy for one to can want to talk to, and yay we were in an environment that encouraged random conversations, because she was by my place, I made it even worse by preparing a chocolate cake with coffee, ow boy did I know I was encouraging her to sit up and relax and have up and close conversations, we found ourselves speaking church, boys, the traveling, our dreams and how we envision the future to be like. As we were talking with this girl which for the sake of reference allow me to call her Pretty, I got so intriqued by our conversation that was seemingly just encouraged by the special aroma from the Ethiopian  coffee beans, but I later realized that there was more I could draw from our chats. I started telling her about this boy who could be classified as “Mr Potential”(Ow well it’s normal for girls to talk about boys sometimes when they are together). while talking to her she continued asking me few questions that without her noticing I was able to be open-minded as I try figure out if “Mr Potential” was “My Mr Potential”, comparing to many encounters I have had as far as engaging in this kind of conversation, part of me was expecting her to try define and design “Mr Potential” in a manner that is desirable in our explanation and imagination and also how the world ‘s manual looks like. I have in many occasion sat in a place where it was as if we had a checkbook to validate wether “Mr Potential” qualified to be “My Mr Potential”.

I guess pretty was a different breed, my lack of patience had me hitting her with thee question. “So friend, should I give him a chance”? Pretty then started bouncing few questions to me, that had me concluding for myself if I wanted “Mr Potential” to be part of my life. I couldn’t help but love the way Pretty views the world, you see my expectations was that she would have tried and defined a good guy according to the manual that society serves, but nah she surprised me, out of curiosity I then just decided to ask her why she handled our conversation the way she did, and her answer was very simple, “Most society rules are nonsense, and my advice is, do not follow them”, and this got me raising a brow, her honesty was on another level. I couldn’t agree more with her to be honest, looking around me one can’t help but pick a few subjects that society has enrolled a number of individuals that they are now graduates, while I’m saying this I’m reminded of how we were taught to handle the subject of evolution at school, whether evolution was/is wrong or right, it was/is part of the syllabus that you have to somehow master all the theories and just go with the flow for the sake of passing, well what is different with the evolution subject and the society modules is that one has a choice on which modules they want to master.In this times where everyone feels as though their theories have passed the test, you can choose to be a different breed and stay in your own lane, do what feels right by you and your God. If you are to follow the crowd you might end up in some muddy place with no rescue whatsoever.

My advice to you is that slay in your lane and careful what kind of advices you welcome with both arms, and remember, most society rules are nonsense DO NOT BOTHER TO FOLLOW THEM, take only whats right from society and from a distance let all the bad that society serves be examples of routes you never want to be part of..slay in your lane



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