They that knows me well will tell you of how much I adore and value my friends, and how they mean the world to me, I really have every reason to, most of my friends are genuine  and worth gold, and the very people who can explain all this to you will also tell you of how I cherish my own space, I have grown to love my own space that I regularly schedule meetings with myself, well that’s when Hlulani, Ruth & Hlully comes really handy, because if we are going to have this meetings, stakeholder will have to be part, so yay I have that part figured out,

This time with myself has made me realize how I wanted to do it every now and then, I have grown to notice how much of great ideas I get to come up with as soon I switch off from the world and be with my self, That moment when everything is all about you and you alone, it is in this time that you can either choose to dwell in your miseries if you have any, or either be in a position to just look forward to the tomorrow, and we all know that looking forward to tomorrow for some people means a lots and lots of planning (Action plan), a position where you need to be planning on what you need to be doing and when?

The truth is, it is in our human nature to add value in our life in one way or the other, we all want to be progressing to the next level in this life, it gives us so much satisfaction to be moving forward, while this is the case everyone of us wants to be in that position of putting in the efforts to action, it is not always the case for most people, we have a lot of us having barriers between our need to move forward and our actions, most people are found to be too busy. While being busy is good I found that at times there is a need for us to really define what is really keeping us busy, because if you are going to be busy, we at least have to see the fruits from your busy self, one at least has to be in a position to take a deep breath with ease that “This are results”, “This is the reason I was too busy”. But it is such a pity that one can be too busy, and too occupied with no results to show for it.

I have observed overtime and realized that the main cause for this is that most of us suffer from broken focus, you know of that very moment when you reflect and realize how you would have done so much and how much of bigger dreams and unimplemented ideas you’ve had but never saw them through because you were all over the place to can manage to reach a state of action, this has mostly happened because one has allowed so many unnecessary things to fill up their space and even steal their time, while you had to put in the action you were too busy and the focus was far from you, because the thief of time had came overnight as an attack and you were so welcoming. The time stealer come in different sizes and shapes, it is different things to different people and as he comes through he makes you feel as though you are too bust, that you have so much in your plate and you need to push all you’d rather be doing and focusing on what looks like real work but unfortunately produces no real results.

What I love about broken focus is that it can be repaired and the very best way to do so is when you are in a position where focus is broken, one needs to take a step back and redefine what busy means to them? is it the results ? well if yes then one will have to sit back and do self-check, after you’ve defined the nature of the thief stealing your time then you are in a position to easily scrap him away, one needs to be true to themselves in this state, try re-define what really matter to you, try be selfish with your space, WELL YOU ARE SOO ALLOWED TO TRY THIS AT HOME FAM!!

Lets get panelbeating, you need to want it so hard to see it through.

“If your mind is in it, you can achieve it” @Hlullyr


1 thought on “#TooBusyDoingNothing

  1. Very inspirational……. This hit home 😩

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