“A” Deep Breath, It’s a new season


Phew, how did it happen so fast,

It feels like the year had just began and before you know it, we are going back to the excitement, closing off and season, and it means we got a new one coming up, and that is now, while closing off the season means different things to different people, it’s time for reflection, reflecting on the good, the great, and the worst, many gets ecstatic thinking of all that has happened throughout the year, and sadly for some people it was a terrible season and they are happy its over.

Ow well I felt like saying the things that everybody already know, with a belief that it rings the bells in someone ’s ears, Ok reminder: it is a new season, So you know what that means right? New me yay(Kidding)!

I actually do not really believe the whole “New Year, New me” situation, well if it works for you bigups,

I actually came here to talk about the new year ’s resolutions, being something I don’t really do my self I just happen to know things I would like to achieve  before the year end, and over the years I honestly have grown to understand that nothing comes easy, one have to put the work, a little sweat will honestly do the magic. Being a person very strong in faith I believe God fertilizes our land and as I plant I do not toil.

May we understand that writing down the resolutions won’t get everything we’ve jotted down into life until that time one steps up and do some work,Yay the Grind!! Thats actually what I meant to say, may you do things differently this year. Maybe this is the time when one needs to sit down and reflect on all the things you’ve always wanted happening in your life, did you manage to see them manifesting to life? Was it a dismal fail? Did you get discouraged after trying too hard with results to show for it? Were you forced out of action and felt it was the end of you?

Well if your answer to any question above is “yes”, you might want to continue reading, I’m about to remind you of the things you already know, the truth is we all need that one person to tell us the things we already know, with hope that it carries a different or rather new meaning. Sometimes you need to just want it so hard that no obstacle can try and convince you otherwise. Regardless of how the trying times gets to turn and toss you in all directions I strongly believe there is still a percentage of strength left within you, you can still take a next step, your break might be near, Yep Grind Gurl. For some of you reading this, you might want to cut off the time you invest on meaningless activities, you know that thing standing between your big idea and your action, you know it better than I do, 2017 won’t work until you do. For some of you only need to let go off things bombarding your precious,

Yooh talking about offloading, good Lord, guys kefodile(Completely healed). this is something that I’m really talking from experience, I have no idea what is filling your heart and having you stuck, but I still remember of the time when I was moving really really slow in most thing concerning my life and all because my heart was heavy, well most of you might have read the blog I once wrote about “The heartbreak”, well sorry if you never got to read it because I took it down after sometime, but what I’m trying to outline is the danger of keeping toxic staff in your heart, it’s really not worth it, the poison spreads to your whole system until a point where for some people it slows down the movement, nobody wants such, so I guess this is the time you decide to let go, I vutomi boss(It’s life hey).

Ok and for some people there is a need to just take responsibility, you know the group of people who would do anything to find wrongs in their surroundings but themselves, this group of people would do anything to paint blames on obstacles that they believe it’s the reason they haven’t taken the next step, MAY YOU DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY IN THIS SEASON, OWN IT, IT’T YOURS.

You can add to the points mentioned above, the bottom line here is that we all own 2017, make it work.

As you do that, may your not doubt yourself because you are worth it.

Happy 2017(I hope I’m not that late)


3 thoughts on ““A” Deep Breath, It’s a new season

  1. Wonderful article Hlulani. Keep up the good work.

  2. Awe hun. Thank u. We needed the “lift”

  3. Great words lady. Big ups I am definitely reflecting back and fixing my situations

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