Purpose Puzzle Story


I have lived to understand that there are many things that gets us restless or thrown in comfort-zone,
I still remember the days when I would pray to God that he would reveal to me what I’m required to do as I live in this world, being a faithful God, He was kind enough to do so, So I was to now live a purpose filled life, which for a very long time I would be so happy with my self since I believe and still believe I was inline with what God says about my life.

I’d love to call this a life filled with purpose, I sit now with my room filled with stickies and there’s this one specific stickie that says “A life filled with purpose is a life worth leaving”, I believe what gets a lot of people wandering around is the hunger for them to understand what they are destined to do as human-being, when that element is missing, people becomes restless.

I sometimes have days that I feel totally out of place, that time frustration becomes part of my being. normally when that happens,  I sit down with myself and analyzeIMG_2017 the situation, words race in my mind so hard, like “But Hlulani you have a number of things going on in your life, what’s with the discomfort? And then I quickly remember that we are like moving trains that carries people from one point to the next, I want to believe that a train understands that it’s purpose is to keep moving, it starts off with a goal to get to it’s secondary destination even though it will have to stop and deliver those that it has finished serving. And this on its own eased up my frustrations and brought understanding that as much as I might be like a train that is moving, I haven’t reached my destination, while I might get comfortable with where I currently am, it is not where I should be, while my life might seem impactful right now, I shouldn’t think this is it, while a number of people might admire a number of things about me, it’s really not it. This made me picture purpose as a puzzle, the reason for building it up is to come up with a beautiful and sometime a picture that everyone will admire while it brings so much joy within you. In my own understanding, it doesn’t really matter which pierce  begins your puzzle, what matters is that you have began building.

while we need to be careful not to get carried away in the process, we all know that building up a puzzle can get really complicated or even interesting depending on how you strategies, the puzzle story needs to be looked at in a broader level, so I look at the whole thing in a manner that it does not matter how you begin building your puzzle, what matters is that you you have began building, what I have learnt is that we have different approaches in building up our puzzles, while someone might pick a pierce that has smaller parts that are not clear in terms of what they are building, the phase presents to us a certain level of frustration because it’s really shady and feels like you are not on the right track, that phase gets you thinking you are headed to no good or you are maybe stuck forever, in this phase you have the tough once standing their ground and persisting while they try figure out what their next step should be.

Amongst other phases, there’s that one that will just gets you believing you’ve reached your destination, when building this part of your puzzle, you  are found to have stumbled upon a pierce that is so clear and you seem to have figured out what you are building, the danger of this phase arises when one begins to believe they have reached a place called there, because they can understand most parts of what they have joined together, as soon as you reach this stage, comfort-zone starts finding a home in you, no mater how much of a hard worker you have been in the past, you stop scratching your head about picking another pierce of that puzzle you are building. Well wait until restlessness comes knocking again, the reason for this is that as a moving train, you are not stuck but have just forgotten that where you are standing is not where your secondary destination is. It it so easy to start looking around and checking out who’s getting in and off their trains on their railways, and before you know it, you have completely forgotten that you still need to move, or rather still have a pierce to join, when this happen you start comparing how other trains are being moved by their drivers and you feel as though that is the very same way you should also be moving, well I personally see danger in this, because in as much as there’s no error in how they are moving, your train might be different and therefore requires a different driving skills.

Well before we can go further, there’s also another phase in building up a puzzle, for some people the picture they need to come up with looks very complicated and they do not know where and how to begin, it is so easy when in this phase to just look for shortcuts. I wanna compare this with a delayed train in a train station, where the delay might be caused by misty weather or whatever the case may be, the truth is in this part you feel as though everything is working against your power, that you can always give-up on heading to your secondary location. This phase is filled with also taking wrong decision that makes perfect sense at that time, you just wanna give up and look for that one thing you can blame, in this case we would just say the weather was just against you. It’s easy to sing the “I was willing” song because it makes sense to you. This phase presents with fear of moving forward, you start feeling as though it might gets misty again and you might not be able to clearly see where you are headed(Survival of the brave one’s).

Ok, so in whatever the phase you are in, may you understand that pursuing you are purpose and that I decided to look at purpose as a puzzle that needs to be built up and you need to keep moving like a train headed to its secondary destination


12 thoughts on “Purpose Puzzle Story

  1. Hlulani

    This is so brilliant and relevant. It is an honor for me to have crossed paths with you. You are destined for greatness.

    1. You are very kind daddy, thank you 🙂

  2. Hundreds, I love it. Some hardcore truth there buddy. Lols check!!!! Comfy zones

    1. Ncaaaw thanks my friend, you the best

  3. well said and very inspiring, wow you have a gift hey.

  4. Just love your thoughts hey. Very true what you wrote here.. keep up the good work. This here is what people need a reminder of everyday.

  5. It’s a very wonderful piece.. such, people need to be reminded everyday hey.. just love your thoughts hle… keep up the gr8 work

    1. Ncaaaw you very kind hey, thank you so much

  6. Wow….you are so inspiring you know, reading this made me realise it’s not about where you are right but where you going and where you want to be… I believe lots of young lads can learn 1 or things from this peace…..truly blessed to share blood with you……

    1. Woooow thank you so much my bro

  7. Wooow so many heart-warming comments in here, Thank you guys 🙂

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