Oh that I may embrace my world

So I was sitting down with so many flashbacks in my head, one that struck me the most was this one particular event that took place in my early age, So as most of you may know by now, I’m that one person who smiles a lot, I literally smile over almost anything and everything, and this has turned to be that one part of me that I really embrace the most, but to tell the honest truth, this has not always been the case, there has been a point in my life where I did feel like I could alter this part of me, and this was after a terrible comment that this one lady had once made about my smiling too much, she portrayed my smiling the way I did to be something associated with being not so normal. At that time I believed her because I had perceived her to be someone in a higher rank and also believed that people of her caliber are bound to be always right in everything they do or say, well in this case I had put her in a pedestal , not acknowledging that this would be one of this mistakes I’d ever find me doing, because in this case I had stopped focusing on what God says about me paying attention to people ’s opinions.Well fortunately in my case I eventually forgot about what someone else thought about me, that was a hello to my own happiness as I embrace my awesomeness

while all this was flashing at the back of my mind it got me thinking and emphasizing in my head the need for one the really embrace their world, understand that God has carefully prepared your world the way it is. I came to understand along the way that everyone ’s world is structured with different and unique attribute, and that’s really what makes us who  we are. Among other things I personally have gotten to a point where I appreciate and love my world so bad, I got to draw so many lessons in the process of appreciation. One of the lessons I have drawn is never to be bias about every aspect of your life, because the society always present to us the world that helps us believe everything it presents to us. despising all the aspects of our lives either good and bad, we turn to shy away from embracing our flaws and strong points, we turn to forget that every part in our lives makes us who we are.

Well I have few parts of me that I have grown to embrace so much:

Side of me that I hide from the world — While social network has dominated our lives to a point where its almost very hard to keep things from the world, I feel the need for me to withhold that part of life that I cherish the most and doesn’t need to be known by everyone. I feel like giving out too much turns to empty every part of you that should have everyone curios and wanting to draw from you, well don’t get me wrong, I’m a no attention seeker, but I do want people scratching their head about what could be running through my mind, how do I do certain things, how to I handle confusion and the likes, just to name a few. This are the things that gets me selective on what I share and who I share with. So you can call me a closed book that smiles a lot.
Mistakes –As I grow up and encounter challenges, I have grown to learn that in this journey called life we won’t always do things the right way, and because of that we need to always up our level of maturity and use the better strategy possible to tackle what to do after so many regrets drawn from not doing things the expected way.
so many of lessons that are useful to the world have I drawn from my own mistakes, as much as having done things the wrong way has led to delays and sometimes pain, I have also learned to take so many lessons that usually becomes to useful in the long run, the truth is history usually have a tendency of repeating itself, so when it does, I’m always armed with the ability to handle things in a different manner. I have seen the lessons from my own mistakes working in favor of the people that ever come to need them and are closer to me.
Flaws- As human beings, we always feel the need to be perfect in all our ways, while this doesn’t seem to be always the case some us do feel the need to be overprotective as far as our flaws are concerned. sitting down and looking around me, I realize that a lot of people would rather exist with “that one part of them” eliminated from their system, the perfectionist in everyone is so dominant to a point where they’d rather hide their flaws, well honestly I do not see anything wrong with hiding flaws except for the fact that I feel hidden flaws has a way to comeback and haunt us while we least expect, most of us would rather not even acknowledge the existence of that part of our lives, while that usually backfires because you cannot hide a part of you forever, we get to the denial stage. well I stopped all this and chose to embrace my flaws, by doing that I have learn t the better way to actually dealing with them in a way that is welcoming to most people around me.
Dancing in the rain on my own rain –While no one is fond with vulnerable times, it’s so easy for a lot of us to look for that one person who can be an umbrella holder when you need one, but honestly in the real world finding one is not always possible, often time you learn to embrace dealing with the issues of life yourself and your own way.
I have learn t to dance while going through every part of my own vulnerability. I look at the bigger picture in all this, believing that as it rains, it wipes every unclean part of my surface.
I learn everyday.

May we embrace every part of our lives knowing that God took his time structuring every part of our lives the way he envisioned it and thought to be good, as we pick only the good things from what the society present to us and the bad as an example of the road we never want to form part of

“If your mind is in it, you can achieve it” @Hlulani



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