I Kissed “Complain” Goodbye

3 thoughts on “I Kissed “Complain” Goodbye”

  1. I relate the most because for me this has always been a reality that I faced early on in life but that’s the least of the more difficult aspect of this complainant relationship ,the real uphill battle is revealing the same to someone who you see is plagued with this attitude of consistent and persistent complaining, That’s why for me I grew an attitude of not taking offence to a lot of things that could spring up complaining but being reactive in the nature of assessment i.e. “If I start complaining about this issue I’m facing or I corner myself into complaining because I didn’t do beyond the result will that complaining change the result” , “Is there something I can do within the scope of my ability to change the outcome, if yes then why haven’t I done it”, “If the situation is beyond my reach then is there someone whom I can relay my objectives to who can change it” , Nonetheless the critical problem I’ve come to see about complaining is that iron ignores the facts and blames ,just altogether blames , doesn’t matter who or what it just blames. It undermines our achievements and leaves us drained, I left a complaining a long time ago not because there weren’t or aren’t things in my life that are worth a complaint but because 3 hours later of complaints and you will realise just how you could’ve better used those 3 hours.

  2. An old Indian proverb once said “I once complained that I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.”,It’s easy to find a reason to complain when you don’t appreciate what you have and what you have accomplished,Often times people are robbed of their joy as a result of this ad it is not that surprising,I think far too often due to a lot of the cruelty,failures and negativity of just simply living in a world like ours some people have come to find an outlet for their pain and suffering,after all quitting isn’t a choice,you don’t have to invest any effort in giving up,but celebrating every win big or small and accepting the limits of what we can do as people,as human beings might be a good start,”I’m only human” isn’t an excuse to slack off it’s a reality that helps you know that “It’s alright,You’re not perfect,And that’s okay,It means you can still grow,It means you can still do better,So stop complaining,Do something about it”

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