Spring Clean Gone Really Right


Overtime we realise that we always been our own enemies, how we hold ourselves captive, that we fail at any chance to free ourselves from those things that keeps us from moving forward..So I started this year on a tip that I needed to cleanup all the negativity in my life, this included people that no longer added value in my life but instead were holding my progress.

While I’m still talking about releasing some people in life, I really would love to emphasize the fact that this is not the easiest thing to do(or at least it wasn’t for me), but as I usually say, the fact that something is uneasy does not mean that it’s not doable, it is one of those things that you will have to wake up one morning and embrace ownership of your steering wheel, this means constantly convincing yourself that you are better of putting yourself first before a whole lot of things, this means choosing sanity over people/things that you have spent most of your life believing that they’d make the precious part of you, It means being content with self in the absence of certain things, it means discipline in terms of putting yourself VS. other habits that have always made sense to you.

In the process I realised that the right attitude towards somethings i really important, when the whole of you say “No” attitude has to dominate and stands its ground and say “Yes” no matter what it takes. Well I honestly have to say, I have now reached a point where I understand that you cannot say no to things that are no longer part of your life, you have to be content and release them

So I wrote this blog to encourage someone that there’s so much happiness in allowing somethings, some habits, some people to leave your system, just so you can allow you some space for even fresher things to feature in your system

“If Your mind is in it, you can achieve it” Hlulani




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