Meeting with self



We get to be so occupied with so much that we even forget the simple and important things like just spending time with yourself. While I’m one of the people who spends most of my time alone, I realized one day that I hardly ever have time with me, one of those moments when you open your eyes to a sudden realization that there are lots of aspects of your life that you know nothing about, well the good and the bad of course.

Truth is we all have our good and our dark sides that needs to be worked on, but with the lack of time with self, this is almost impossible to achieve, While in a biblical context we find a scripture that clearly addresses the fact that “God is faithful, he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability”, I have grown to understand overtime that somethingsĀ  we go through are a way of God allowing us to learn a thing or two about ourselves, because the only way you would know your reaction towards something is if you eventually just go through it,

Honestly, I will never go around claiming to be strong unless a situations that needed my strong self comes my way, I will never be in a position to claim that I’m so tender with the old, unless my patience and tenderness was tested with the old folk in the picture, well I can go on and on, but what I’m outlining is that, sometimes if not all the time, it takes us to literally experience to conclude our reaction, and sometimes it may happen that we never notice our reaction because we never pay attention to self. We get to be occupied to an extent that self doesn’t matter that much.

If you are reading this, please can you just take sometime and reflect to self, if the results of the reflection results to you feeling you need to pat yourself in a back, then do that, If you realize a character that needs a fix, well it’s never to late to work on self, at the end of the day you will realize that all the efforts were not in vain…..

You are worth it

“If your mind is in it, you can achieve it”..Hlulani






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