Please Stop…


I found myself leaking very hard, being one of those girls who are self-proclaimed “Girls with tough skins”, I surprised myself, while tears were rolling down my precious chins, questions racing with athletes pace in my head, more like, “But Why”, “But Why Hee”, “But Why Hlulani”, So I want to call this a boy drama, one that is now decorated with pretty names as if the society has accepted its dramatic nature, one that one when you turn from different directions it appears to really mutual in almost every girl, to a point where some of our fellows can identify a broken hearted girl when they see one, that’s how experienced they are, What pains me the most is that my very own little sister is likely to go through the same routine like many other girls, the young one’s coming after me are likely to find the pro’s who will advice them on how to go through the pain, BUT my biggest question is have our fellow brothers become really cruel and cold to notice wrong from right.

Is it just part of our destinies to find ourselves unnecessarily vulnerable, all because a boy was involved. How did we reach a point where girls have to be bottling up the pain while they put a face? Is it OK to break the trust she was likely to have on the brother coming her way? Have you realized you have dealt badly with her confidence? Have you realized she’s now walking in pieces, all because she trusted you with a precious part of her?

Maybe you don’t understand the value of her being, the state of her humanity and her gift to life. She is not just an object you can toss and turn without it showing emotions, she is more fragile than you are, but still puts up her face as if everything is ok. Are you aware that you are messing with someones destiny? She is only human, but you force her at an early age to be superwoman calling her names, dragging her in the mud and yes its all fun when you do it, but to this little girl she is slowly losing self confidence. You took her identity away from her, you fellow brothers wiped away her self worth and aspiration not her tears and pain.
Wait a minute…
You don’t care do you? Your choice of words plainly explains that, what matters to you is your ego and your lustful desires. Because you don’t have boundaries what you say travels in the speed of light into her mind and down to her heart and you keep on striking and striking until she loses hope hence she can’t treasure the beauty of love, love? you know nothing about that!
So please stop! stop taking things away from her, because you never have enough. Taking her virginity was not enough for you, you went further and took her trust she might have used for her future partner, you took her dreams away. Brothers why can’t you just have enough?! The most precious thing of all, you took away her identity and labeled her with names…sigh. She is now having a misconception of what love is, you incorrectly defined it to her. She is confused, to her love is meaningless because of YOU.
Please stop, the damage is too much already. Stop…

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