The Art of Being Content

While I remain that girl who’s so much of a go-getter(Well at least I believe so), there are times where one just realizes that things has a way of taking their toll sometimes, there are times when you will believe in something so bad, we all know that people full of expectations never really expect negative in whatever they put their mind in doing, BUT, what then do we do when do when we have believed in something so hard and we suddenly realize the results we are about to receive are not something we expected? What happens when disappointment comes hopping in your world that expects only “Positive”? What happens when you cherished certain things so bad and then you realize you have reached the place called “Goodbye, It was all good BUT toddles!!”?

While I realized overtime that things will not always turn out the way always expect them to be, I had to master some skills that are packaged with disappointment, and one key skill is: Contentment, this skill you get to when you read through the lines of your disappointment, when you have to teach yourself to survive above all the thing that didn’t go as planned(Your way), when you have to encourage yourself that as much as things didn’t turn out the way I expected, I will still survive,

In as much as we all have different definition on what perfect is, wait we are still talking about contentment, well on that case, I also have my own definition on rather understanding of content. For me it’s about the understanding that as much as I always aim for the best in all I do, when things don’t workout like I expected, I still keep my cool, pay close attention to the lessons packaged with the down moments, AND keep moving(Time is so precious to spend most of it worrying).

Keep your cool.
It will work out in time.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Being Content

  1. I learnt being content the hard way though, it something beautiful when you have mastered it but still hard to keep the momentum

  2. @President, I think what matters the most is that you have mastered it, and as for keeping the momentum, I for one am sure that you got this #TouchLetsMove

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