It’s only normal man

That moment when you find yourself swimming in a ridiculous kind of a pain, the kind that you can’t help but question yourself “How on earth did I end up here?”
Truth is not every situation will one find themselves with the privilege to control, if it was in technical terms I’d say not all users have the RWX(Read, Write, and Execute)… in most systems, users are given only the read privilege as admin restricts the write and execute privileges, some of those situation we go through, we have to hold on to the light after the tunnel, of course tunnels are the most darkest places, but that doesn’t mean that a car passing by the tunnel should stop moving, embracing the fact that it can get really scary and hopeless at times, this doesn’t mean one should stop moving,

When everything seem to work against you, you really can’t help but question your purpose, while this might sound like a dramatic thing to say, I’m gonna continue mentioning it anyway, “We were never promised smooth road, but one thing guaranteed is that whatever it is, it all works out in time” while at some point it feels bitter to embrace pain you don’t even have control over, it’s all worth it to always never loose yourself in the midst of pain

I still can remember those moments where my very own precious heart had to find home in the midst of pain, I want to believe we all do have those moments where that voice that resides next to our hearts silently echoes the words, “I really can’t take it anymore”, “Whoever you are, please take this feeling away, it’s uncomfortable”, “I need a break away from all this, can we redefine everything?”, one more thing I also remember is that the pains never lasted forever, while most of the pains I still can’t tell how I made it out, I can’t help but rejoice that I did

This seeks to now loudly echo the words, “Weeping may last for a night but joy will always come in the morning”
While this is a kind of a different note from me, it seeks to encourage whoever reading and might be riding through a tunnel and feels like light is delaying, Hang in there, don’t loose heart, don’t despair, you are gold and can get through this

Hlulani Loves you, thanks for stopping by πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “It’s only normal man

  1. A dark tunnel is what we all go through daily. This piece has made me realise that it all depends on the attitude one has as we move through that tunnel. And the fact that we not alone, you can always reach out to others as we go through hard times. Thanks for bringing up this issue @Hlulani.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

    1. Ncaaaw Lovie, you keep me moving hey, thanks for such faith in my writing πŸ™‚

  2. Christopher impossible August 7, 2015 — 4:09 am

    give that lady a bells.

    1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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