A place called Comfort Zone

I want believe that everybody desires to be great in this world, We have people who have it figured out on how they can become that which they desire, some people have everything around them sharing ideas on how they can, well it’s a pity that not everyone ends up pursuing that which burns in their system so bad, well if we were to go around asking people why are they in a most relaxed zone and not doing so much,  you’d get various reasons, some of them would be lame and some would make a bit of sense,

Doing some self introspection before we can actually jump the bridge to check other people, I realized that there has been several occasions in my life where I got really excited because An idea to do something really exciting dropped in my system, like a pregnant woman, I had the baby kicking from my belly, I was nurturing something within me, and it was really exciting to know that I’m about to bring life, But sadly, unlike a pregnant woman I never got to give birth, it ended up being just an idea, “Soo Hlulani what happened to your exciting venture?” well that’s when one gets to scratch their heads so hard, well I’m a no exception, So it goes like this: “Uhm, Uhm,”

Well I actually have no reason except for the fact that starting is the most difficult thing, if you don’t believe me just go around you and ask anyone,
They all have had one of those moments where they felt like starting something but couldn’t because kick starting appeared to be super difficult, well some of them will be those who were brave enough and started against all odds, wait what I meant is that it is difficult to start off something when you are in a place called “Comfort zone “, this is a dangerous place to be, since it is dominated by laziness, fear, pride, ignorance, lack of vision and many other things, just to name a few,
The sad part of being stuck in this zone is that for those who eventually wake to realize they have been stuck, they usually get to be hit by words like “Flip, I wasted my time” “Yerr I should have…” Trust me I hate having this words coming from my mouth 👎.

Truth is people who survive in this world are those who never entertain this zone, people who knows that fear is not their portion and they can’t in anyway try and befriend the kind of a disease, people who knows that they need to keep feeding their mind everyday as a way of hopping closer to their venture, people who understand that this world is like a puzzle which simply means that they will have to truly acknowledge that they don’t have everything figured out, so they do need the next person and there are times where they’d need to swallow their pride ask for help if need be(Pride stinks and never gets anyone anywhere)
So what are you waiting for? I think its about time you left that zone, if you have that fresh idea to change the world, the time is now, there has never been a better occasion to leave a place called “Comfort Zone” you need to check in the “war zone ” just so you end up being a victor who defeated the filthy zone(askies), touch let’s move..

You want to start that business, go for it,

Yo want to draft that CV and apply for a job?What are you waiting for?

You want to be an “A” student? get down to business and stop lazing around

Whatever it is, Never dwell in the comfort world,

“If your mind is in it, you can achieve it “..Hlulani
By the way, I don’t know how the baby feels inside the belly 😃 I just have an idea ..


4 thoughts on “A place called Comfort Zone

  1. Wow. The comfort zone is truly where we all at. Or rather most of us. Instead of taking a step of faith and doing something positive to give birth to the baby thats inside our belly, we stick to being complacent. Blaming verything on everything. . . Im very much inspired by this particular peace, bcos this is kinda wat am going thru dis year. Let me get up and do ma part!!!#INSPIRED

    1. i’M so glad I could inspire you lovie, touch lets move #AwayWithBeingComfortable


    1. After You told me about your watery substance, I also felt shared some(Mine was inside though), I’m so glad you like my writings lovie.. VERY MUCH HUMBLED

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