Victims of Unimplemeted Ideas

Fulfillment is everything to everybody, I really believe that everybody has that one thing they have been called to do, and until that time they took courage to do it, peace will just be a dream unreachable, when we are not doing what we ought to be doing, Our hearts will continue sending a signals to us stating the reasons why they are struggling to find the so called “happiness”, that very time when our hearts intimately have those interesting and sometimes complicated conversations with our minds

“Heart: I really can’t take the hurt anymore, we need to move ASAP.

Mind: Well I know, But we both know that you are being too ambitious, we’ve gotten used to residing here, imagine having to look for a new place, we are just trying to invite complications for ourselves, I definitely am not ready for that,

Heart: “Sigh” but what’s the worst that could happen? We move out find a new place with new neighbors and a number of not so familiar buildings, don’t you think we can get used to that? I’m always ready when you are, you know that, I wouldn’t mind having to wake up to a new view every morning, “its called adventure”

Mind: Well, what you don’t understand is that I have conceived so much in my lifetime, I have so many reasons why we should just stay here, let’s not try and complicate life, I think it’s just awesome the way it is, don’t you dare complicate this life”

What I have realized is that everybody desires greatness, most of us even have a clear picture on how we can become great, some get to come up with ideas that gets them really excited, it usually comes back to “I have an Idea”, The truth is unless you’ve reached a point where you have implemented your idea, you remain a victim of un-implemented ideas, writing this literally brings a sigh moment for me, I’m reminded of moments where we could share Ideas I believe to be great with some of my associates, that awesome moment of “Dude, I have an great idea, imagine…” and then we get excited knowing our idea is capable of changing our surrounding or even the world. Very sad to realize that to this point we never really took a step to seeing those ideas take the next step, and we did to some of them and never really bothered to nurture them, and we also got those that we implemented and became great ones,

Well I had an opportunity to attend an event titled “I-Lead Conversation” with the theme “How to transform your idea into reality”, I believe sharing is caring so I’m going to share a bit about what I learned, so what I have realized attending a number of events of this nature is that a lot of people becomes or have somehow in their lifetime been victims of “un-implemented ideas” hence we have great speakers and coaches called specifically to address this area, this event was no exception, great speakers were featured to come free the victims,

It got really interesting when the founder himself spoke about what he called six nuggets about every individual, while we are still on the “translating your ideas into reality note”:

1. Strength and weakness,

  • In this he outlined the fact that every individual need to identify where they are strong or weak, and become comfortable with your trait, knowing what you are capable of also come really handy, this is simply because it ii hardly possible to compete if we know our very own capabilities.

2. Courage

  • In the implementation game courage comes really handy in a way that you are able to do away with fear once it is in the picture.

3. Character.

  • We all know and might have seen a lot of people break those precious initiatives/organizations they owned simply because of a bad character they owned

4. Conviction

5. Goals

  • Setting goals for one’s self is an important part when you have to make sure your idea reaches the next level

As the learning and empowerment continued from different speaker, a number of lessons I took with is that for one to drive a successful idea:

  • you might want to locate your dream team(Team that will see your idea forward)
  • Be yourself, do not try and be someone else(Locate you)
  • What prolongs the life span of your idea is the faith you have in the very Idea, and it is impossible to have faith if you lack confidence

So a call to everyone with those great Ideas (Which I believe everyone has), it’s about time we all stood up a change our society, do not be a victim of UN-implemented ideas, You are worth it, you can do this..

“If your mind is in it, you can achieve it” Hlulani



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