The Den Of Negativity

Part of me always believes I could do talking for a living, this comes after I realized that I just get to flow in talking, specially when doing it with my peers, friends and those that comes after me, so I got really concerned this one time looking at one of my fellow I have been observing for quite sometime, so thee only way to find out what was really going on in his head, I had to get really closer to him and find out, more like “Ask”,

So what was happening with this guy is that he would find a group of us engaging in random conversations and he’d just find his own little corner where he’d just be alone,  part of me always told me that maybe he’s just one of those people who doesn’t enjoy being in the crowd, until I found there was more to his loner kind of a character, the real truth is that this  poor guy had a huge bump in his head and because of this he suffered mockery during his early childhood and teenage life, in his own words, “I always used to involve myself in fights to endure the teasing, in the process I developed hatred towards a number of people, I told myself I was better of alone..till this point I still don’t feel safe around people”, Well after conversing with that guy I realized the impact that words alone have towards people,

Clearly what happened to him back then has dealt with his esteem in a very bad way, his peers made him have a different perspective about himself, I call this group of people negative individuals who just try by all means to make themselves feel better on other people ‘s expense,

On an observing note, I realized that this guy is not the only victim who has had a experience of living among what I call a “Den of negative individuals”, those people who tries so hard to make others feel bad, truth is, as much as we can just ignore the negative role that this individual plays they will always break the spirit of the precious souls destined for greatness,

So I sat down and asked myself how to deal with such situations, so somehow I figured out that one have to try really hard to have a final say about themselves, one can just start by saying:

I’m the best thing that ever happened to this universe.,

I’m more beautiful and unique,

I’ll make it in life,

I’m destined for greatness,

I’m worth every great thing that comes my way,

Nothing negative anyone says can ever have an impact on me

When you believes in something, it’s not easy for someone to can come and convince you with a different message. So it’s always advisable to always try hard and believe in yourself even when you are in an environment that forces you conceive wrong information about yourself..You are worth greatness


1 thought on “The Den Of Negativity

  1. Hluli, You are a blessing shame. I wish people could see this and also learn how to control their mouth. People commit suicides out there because of that one word you said to them.

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