Survival of the Open Minded

We often come across the scenarios where a lot of people will be telling you about how bad they wanted certain things and how much efforts they really have put in making sure they obtain that one thing they wanted soo bad but sadly,  “They never reached a point of victory”, we all know how discouraging this can be, I personally have been a victim at some point, that point in life where you think you got everything figured out only to find out you lied to yourself the whole time,

On an analytical mode, I really love scratching my head in trying and figure out why something never really worked, in my analysis this is what I came out with:

1.I was so much comfortable with my ways of doing things that I never really bothered to try other alternatives, Comfort is good but sometimes  it’s good to try new uncomfortable ways, 

2. Change was my worst enemy,  Sometimes better ways of doing things would be presented to me, but because it wasn’t something I’m used to, I’d just pass..

This taught me that one gotta be open minded at all times,  it just makes life a whole lot easier, as much as discomfort is unwanted,  at times you might want to go that road. I got to learn that failure doesn’t really mean you are dumb,  but sometimes it means there’s a different better approach one can use to acquire legit results. Communication can also come handy if used wisely, should I had communicated about my need for help maybe I would have won..


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