Not Born for me

I personally believe every single person has that unique purpose to fulfill,  well I’m part of the loop,  so with the whole idea that during the reproduction you get a number of sperms hoping they can be the ones attached to the uterus, it’s no doubt that I’m born a winner as I serve the world, because I made it and they didn’t 🙂 ,

This leads to a whole lot of questions,  more like why was Hlulani Baloyi born?                                            I really do thank God because my birth has that specific purpose,  I got every reason to celebrate because I’m leaving a purposeful kinda life, I believe it gets really hard when one doesn’t know where they are heading, hence we see people going back and forth seeking fulfilment..that one thing they can hold on to, because it makes them happy,  and it’s what really makes so much sense in their precious life,

I’m leaving a life filled with purpose,  I believe I’m relevant for this generation and I truly bless God I was born..

Happy birthday to me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Not Born for me

  1. ish…directed to me
    thnku mam

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