Twenty Four Hours For Every Soul

It’s actually so easy for human beings to paint blames on their surroundings, more like: “My background happened to me hey, maybe I’d be this and that if I was born from a fancy background“, “Our government is just so crappy hey, opportunities are hardly presented to us 😦 “, “My Mom or My Dad  is a control freak, I wan’t to do this an that but they want me doing this and that, there’s just so much of clash of interests, I lost hope“, “I could possibly start up something of my own, but looking around, so and so failed, what if I do too, Imagine the energy wasted“, “My boy friend is such a darling hey, he’s good in taking care of me“, “I exhausted so much energy in this project/startup, and to see it now fail like it never really existed, I’m so drained“, “Dude do you know hard it is to just get sponsorships?“, “My parents, my mom or my dad passed on while I still needed them the most “, “I never really had a mother figure, or a father figure hence my life lacks direction” and many more excuses that people may possibly come up with just to cover up on the fact that they not really doing much with their lives..

Well personally I really despise excuses and blames, I feel as though so much energy invested in complains is energy exhausted with no positive outcome, I mean honestly “Complaining” never really changes one ‘s current state, but I know having a positive mind and putting the hustling mode on and actually hustling does change your state, It changes how you view life, you even start seeing some opportunities you never really thought possible, It is not really easy to have a positive mind specially when there is so much negatives, but then again the fact that it’s not easy it doesn’t mean its not possible.

The truth is we all are given that 24 hours and its really up to us how we utilise it, It’s really puzzling how other people feel as though “24Hours” is not enough and the feel as though there could be addition, and on the other hand we got the other group of people who are just good in misusing their time, I personally believe that life is more of a puzzle where everybody has a piece to place in making sure that the world turns out to be a beautiful place with no holes that are not filled,

Question is why are you not doing what you gotta be doing? Or do you ever really ask yourself, what is it that you ought to do? Or is what you doing really enough? Or If you were to leave this world today, what is that precious thing that will make every individual who have had an encounter with you feel as they have lost the most precious gift God has ever given to this world, Acts 9v36-43?

We are all capable of producing products that can be considered as great, and can also become an assets to people surrounding you,

What I’m outlining in this is that you hold the steering wheel when it comes to how you use your 24 hours, and also how you spend your time on earth, so you decide, but on a point of suggestion, I’d suggest that you stand up and put your hustling mode on, start doing something with your life, take responsibility for your very own action, no one is really accountable for your actions after all, no matter how much they can pursue you to take a wrong route, It’s your life, It’s surely your decision.

If your mind is in it, you can achieve it… by Hlulani Ruth



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