Tutor “A” Student Campaign

So I can’t help but love my community so much, and I also can’t help but believe that there are people out there who loves our society and also believes our society can be transformed to be way better than it is at this point,

I have always been one person who believes in education, I believe it is capable to unlock almost every door to the better future, with this in mind I got to observe that there is so much of a need to help my peers who comes after me to do better in their field of study, but the truth is, this I can’t do alone, I need everyone willing to hold hands with me in making sure that the students change their perspective towards certain subjects,

This is me calling upon every willing soul capable to tutor students in the field of Physical sciences, Maths, and Accounting to contact me on my Facebook account and twitter, as I’m starting a campaign that will run once a month just to tutor students

“Yo haven’t lived until you’ve transformed someone ‘s life”.. by Unknown

“If Your mind is in it, You can achieve it “.. by Hlulani



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