I’m one of those people who cherishes the presence of new born kids, well we all know they are so adorable, So I had a privilege to watch my nephew from the very first day he arrived in this world, it was such an amazing experience to can ever have, but there’s something else again that I find to be amazing, that is, you just saw him today as a tiny little thing and before you know it he’s crawling and feeling all responsible to can get himself some stuff in the house without your help, and when you still holding on to the crawling him, he’s now trying to walk and even talk to you..

We all know that behind all this there’s God and a family to support the kid in making sure he’s well natured in every step of the way. Well one way or the other I relate to my nephew kind of experience, I was once a “Kid” in my career, A kid who knew nothing and relied on soft-porridge to grow until a point where I can be called a grown up woman in the industry, the truth that one can never run away from is that for a kid to be well natured, he/she needs a proper family with good moral values.

I happened to be amongst the luckiest kids in the world that I fell in the hands of a family I consider great, Geekulcha it is..I joined the family in the moment when I was so clueless and they opened their hearts to help me, I was introduced flying in a way I never thought possible, through tremendous events that I got to regularly attend to the most awesome team I got to really work with on a daily basis, not to forget the mentor ship and motivations that I was given, I can boldly say I’m a star that never shy away from shining because Geekulcha made me

To the clueless, Geekulcha is:

Where the young, creative, skilled,

talented and ambitious tech minds meet to learn, connect,

share knowledge and put their skills to work.

Where I was made

wanna have an experience like I did? Join Geekulcha here: http://join.geekulcha.com/

Also like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter: https://www.facebook.com/Geekulcha?fref=ts and @Geekulcha

“If Your mind is in it, you can achieve it”..by Hlulani



2 thoughts on “#GeekulchaMadeMe

  1. That’s some motivation right there…so looking to pay Geekulcha a visit

    1. You sure won’t regret buddy, it’s worth it

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