Rise Oh Young Girl

And then I reached a point where everything around me reached the overwhelming state, that moment when you are in a mixed “emotions” kind of state, I become so happy and scared at the same time, So I was appointed as a Girl Rising ambassador of South africa, just to outline a bit about who Girl Rising is: It is a global campaign for girls Education, where we embrace the power of storytelling to nature a girl as we transform our societies to the better.


My appointment went a bit viral and got a number of people talking when htxt.africa contacted me for a feature *toddler smiles*, so because of the article *thanks to them* I got a lots of: “Ncaaw congratulations Hlulani”, “we are soo proud of you darling”, “make us proud” kind of comments, well all those comments got me scared at some point I must say, the moment when you find out that people are actually watching you, you even got the kids who looks at you as their kind of role model, anybody would be scared I think


I live everyday knowing that, with God by my side there is so much hope, just when I was relaxed, Intel contacted me stating they want to feature me in their “IQ video”, wow the idea got me excited I wouldnt wanna lie, so the day came where the actually made me feel like a celebrity #WINK, it was one of those days where I got all the cameras on me, “yaaay”


the first video is about me:

then me as a tech girl: “Tech girl rule”

then Hlulani the ambassador “Educate a girl, change the world”

They really look awesome I must say, thanks to Intel

Well I sat down in my mind I was like “well the whole articles kind of life might have reached and end”, little did I know that it is just the beginning, me being a “Local Tech ambassador with Intel”, was running a Tech event where I was introducing the Girls to programming/coding, this was an event organised by GirlsInventTomorrow, little did I know that this event got the news papers interested, I was just in the taxi minding my own business when I decided to open my tweets, to my surprise I was welcomed by a pile of notifications falling my way, I got a bit overwhelmed when I found out I got another feature, which was from sunday Times this time, *smiles*


To really prove that I had the world watching, In my comfort, I received and email which was techgirl.co.za, they wanted to profile me on their site,
all I can say in all this is that, watch the space, thee young girl is rising against all odds šŸ™‚

“If your mind is in it, you can achieve it”


1 thought on “Rise Oh Young Girl

  1. Well done dear! Really, i love what you are doing. Keep on helping people. I’m proud of what you are doing. Love you.

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