Girls Thang!!!

Several times I hear people pointing out the fact that kids are a blessing from God, well I fully support this, but as much as kids are a blessing when you not ready for them, they can be a strain due to the fact that they alter your life forever.
looking at this, most girls suffer the most in the process, well one is lucky/blessed if the guy who fertilizes your egg doesn’t run away just after finding out that you are pregnant, another thing is having to carry the baby for the whole 9 months, well that on its own is stress enough, i mean we all know the pregnancy comes handy..

coming to think of it, If I were to fall pregnant at this point I would just die(well not literally), going around and doing some random checks, I found out I share some sentiments with a number of girls, so this led to curiosity of what exactly goes down before one can fall pregnant, well we all know the key is sexual intercourse, but then again there are number processes that takes place before one can actually fall pregnant,

I’m going to just point out some few process which I regard important,
Well almost every woman have their own menstrual cycle, well unless one has reached the menopause stage, menstrual cycle on its own is said to prepare one for potential pregnancy which usually lasts for 28 days, where the first day of your bleeding is said to be day 1 of your cycle, so in this cycle we have the most risky and less risky days for one to can conceive,

Well the days when a woman is likely to conceive is when our ovaries releases an egg, an egg is released about 14 days before the first day of a woman ‘s period, then it travels down below the fallopian tube, this is the stage where we say a woman is ovulating, if one is going to be intimate and have sex at this stage without any family planning of some kind then pregnancy is likely to occur, because at this stage a sperm goes and penetrates the released egg, that way a fertilised egg will travel to a woman ‘s uterus where it will just chill and grow,
that way a woman is pregnant..

among other options, one way of running away from pregnancy is abstaining #Wink
and also keeping a woman calendar so you stay alert at all times!!

This is me appealing to my sisters out there to stay alert and be responsible at all times, don’t gamble with your life… 🙂

Hlulani Ruth




4 thoughts on “Girls Thang!!!

  1. I love it ❤

      1. hmmm learning sth new!! dis is fantastic! Tnx Hluuu!

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