The anticipated pain (Tooth Extraction).

So the unthinkable happened!! I have never sat down to actually picture a day I’d have to sit with doctors in front of me, while their hands communicate the language they understand better after years of training, that scalpel mode(greys anatomy vibe), my mind was really not ready for this, but it had to happen. I happened to feel a strange kind of a pain in my gums that I couldn’t ignore. My initial response to pain is to google around, which I know is the worst idea for days, google always has a way of elevating anything you are trying to diagnose yourself on, I have had days when I literally thought I had few hours to live and this is because Mr google told me so. When I couldn’t find help on the net, my only option left was to go consult the dentist, and yes you have guessed right, he told me I had an infection and I would need to go through tooth extraction, “Sounds hectic” I thought to myself.

My first response was that which I believe most of us would’ve given, “No way, not a chance, I am not about to do that, what’s and alternative?” . And of course what followed next was him trying to convince me and showing me the pro’s and con’s of not opting for this phase, one that I still remember well was that he suggested that should I not go through this phase I stand a chance of maintaining this pain I had continuously, he would give me the prescriptions to take, it would numb the pain, but I’d later on still go through the same process, which for me that meant being a regular knocking at the door of the dentist, all because getting rid of the pain (tooth) didn’t feel like an option at that time. Regardless of the fact that he gave me his word about how the process was like a “walk in a park”.

I  left the surgery with an undecided mind, luckily I had a full week to decide. Communicating this with family and friends instilled fear in me, I was scared of the unknown, I realized that most people have had to go through this at some point in their life, and the way everyone was sharing their experiences was terrifying for me, I grew scared of a pain I didn’t even know because I was listening to a number of people who has gone through this. I must say again that I have had a group that rather shared the kind of experience that my dentist spoke about, “A walk in a park”.  
Well for sure you are eager to know what I eventually decided, family let’s just say I grew a tough skin, had my fair share of forceps and elevators, I thought of the pain and figured it was something I was ready to take on. The process was honestly not that hectic, not necessarily a walk in a park but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I have had to watch forceps go through my mouth, this process on it’s own looked painful and something I couldn’t bear. But to one ‘s suprise it was not as it looked like.

Talking about things not manifesting as they are displayed, I was just thinking the other day, I thought of how we generally are scared of the unknown as human beings , how we would rather not engage on some tasks because it looks rather uncomfortable in our train of thoughts. The very same way I thought temporary solution to my tooth problem was a way to go, is how a lot of us would rather structure our lives, we anticipate the pain we know nothing about, and somehow it just looks like the odds are against us, and that moment you start questioning why you have to go through the said phase of your life, I personally did have a moment of feeling sorry for myself as far as that phase was concerned, I remember how the left side of my face was made numb and as I was driving home I held my tears, not because I was in pain but because the whole thing was just so uncomfortable, sounds familiar right? How many times have our lives offered a different phase of our lives that required a different way of doing things and we opted for running away all because we were too scared of the unknown? The thought of it sounded rather uncomfortable? 
My approach to life has always been doing what needed to be done at the time that you needed to do them, thinking about it using my tooth scenario, if I opted for postponing, I stood a chance to go through a continuous pain that would vanish and come back every now and then. From this alone I learnt that sometimes life will push to make decisions instantly, and when that time is presented you, it’s good to remind yourself that you have in you to go through anything and come out a champ. It is also advisable to limit the voices that gives advices to your said phase, some of them will be so negative to a point that you feel you’d rather not take any action as far as where you are in your life, remember the voices that told me of the pain I was yet to experience? 

We have been told of how nothing comes easy in this life, can I just validate the level of truth in this, yes it is true, you will always be required to make decisions every now and then, and your being trusts you to make the right one.

Ow just to let you know, the process with my tooth extraction was not as bad as I thought. What I’m trying to appeal to you is that you do what needs to be done Fam, just do it, forget the noise 

To be continued….


The end goal

Days are definitely not the same, some days you will sit down and all that floods your thinking is that inner ability to change the world, I for one am part of the crew that believes in the super powers that we can treat this world like a coin that we can flip and experience its other side. We all know that if you are going to stay awake during the midnight hour, there’s few things that will either be taking place, it’s either you will physically be pre-occupied or emotionally and mentally so, I personally cannot really identify my state. All I know is that my mind is running 15kph on a treadmill speed, I have just listened to a podcast that triggered some craziness in me, it got me believing again, believing on the unknown, it granted me hope for a better tomorrow.

Talking about believing, I am reminded of few stories that floods my mind everytime I’m required to draw hope from within. There are few stories that I seemingly get to share a lot as soon as I’m required to put in my 2cents about traveling and exploring the world. It was torwards the end of the year when we decided to hit the road with a friend of mine I dearly love, it was just at the right time we see the manifestation of an idea we had conceived for sometime. The plan was that we travel Swaziland and Mozambique. We were not about to let anything stop us from the unknown experiences that was ahead of us, with that said we did it, before you know it, we were living it up at the borders of Swaziland, it was a third time for me and the first time for my friend, that historically meant that I was excited to share bits and pieces of my experiences with her, and we were also praying that our phone batteries do not die because we’d love to document every experience presenting itself to us, even though the plan was not to stay long in Swaziland , we were not about to leave a chance to feed our souls with new and fresh experiences. This led to asking the lady at the border about any touristy activities she’s familiar with, even though we had already planned that we would go horse riding as soon as we get there, this idea was quickly dismissed by the very lady helping us, after we made her aware of where we were going to be accommodated for the night, she advised us to hit the road right away without any stopping anywhere, this meant horse riding was just an idea we didn’t stand a chance to implement, time was a luxury we didn’t own. She advised that the journey was going to be long, we were good girls that day and we listened. Thinking about it I’m so glad we did, should we have grown and imbraced our big heads  we would have ended being stranded in a country that is more foreign to us(even though I feel more at home in Swaziland). The truth is we eventually was in a stranded position nonetheless, and I will tell you all about it. We had a long peaceful and adventurous drive within the country, which for me was super exciting to do because I got to experience another part of Swaziland I knew nothing about, it is a pity we couldn’t hold the sun to stand still while we explore more, in an experience that appeared to be more of a roadtrip, the sun started going down, and the skies had an idea to dish out some drizzles, the drizzles turned out to be serious rain, we at first didn’t panic much because there smart thing we had done while still at the border was to buy a local SIM card which then made navigation much easier, we were more willing to put our faith in technology, our faith got tested when we turned into a gravel road that was pointing to our home for the night, the combination of rain and driving in a place that is rather mountainous was a bad combination that even the network was about to rebel, network kept disconnecting that we had to trust in the maker as far as getting to our destination safely was concerned. There I was driving between 20-40kmph it was getting darker by second, all this didn’t take the excitement we had and so was the anticipation of where we were going to spend our night, after sometime we eventually drove into the place and it looked more adventurous than anticipated, it was dark for us to see where the reception was, rain was not about to come to the party either, and with all this bad weather conditions, Swaziland network gave a bow.

First thing we do is call the lady who was supposed to help out with our checkin, ok I try calling her, but because network was bad, we couldn’t hear each other, at that moment my friend start panicking, the question is what are we going to do with ourselves, I honestly cannot explain what state I was at that time because to be honest, as much as this might sound weird, I always wanted to be stranded away from home, even though this was a bit extreme. We then opted for hooting and of course it was rather a good idea,  This old white man with big beard came to our rescue, we later learned that the lady who was suppose to check us in was not staying at the camp and she would only be coming the following morning, what this meant for us was that we would need to pick any of the vacant chalet and make it our home for the night, we had been driving all day and in our mind all we thought about was this expensive well prepared dinner that would be followed by a warm and maybe even a bit longer shower, to our disappointment the camp didn’t have any of that(well they had showers) , this was meant to be a self-catering space and this is the kind of details we didn’t pay much attention to beforehand.

But then there was David the old man I mentioned above, he was traveling with his wife, such a lovely old couple from Australia who happened to open their arms for us on that night and prepared us a very nice dinner topped with good wine, I still remember the conversations we had with them as if it was yesterday, so genuine, so real, and refreshing.  All this meant that a dramatic day we almost had was then concluded with love and warmth(Look at God). we the had a very peaceful night as we were preparing for day 2, our plan for this day was that we would explore the camp, wake up as early with the plan to see the mist from outside. everything happened that morning was just too beautiful and out of this world, and it just stirred the hunger for more adventure, and that was Mozambique, the drive to the border was one to cherish, the music we were playing still plays in my mind and helps me re-live that moment. In our mind, we would be in Mozambique by 13:00pm which was just a dream we never got to see manifest, what happened is that we got the the border and did all the customary processes, and to our absolute surprise,  before we could proceed, we were told we needed some documents that would require me to be calling the bank and insurance, and remember, network is bad, we are contacting South Africa which means rates are just ridiculously high, voice data is finished and we haven’t reached a point of help, this was a process that was just dragging and took hours while we are waiting at the border, this time around we were as calm as if all was going our way. My friend was calling some of her friends to actually try make phone calls to my insurance and bank since it would be much cheaper, I was also doing the same. And hours later we eventually got help, the documents were now in our hands, we could now go back to the border to proceed with our journey(Hello Mozambique). We then left hit the road which was more 2 hours and 30 minutes drive, we got to the hotel around 7pm and all the miseries we went through during the day was history, very funny.

And the fun was about to really begin, and to be honest, it was as if God has assigned people everywhere we went, lol we actually even had the driver who had just volunteered to take us around(Do not tell my mom). this was free will, and we didn’t have to pay, we experienced so much love which one day I’d have to tell you about it, because it deserves a blog of it’s own, all the experiences I still hold dear in my heart.

All this experiences I shared a above comes with so many experiences and lessons that eventually contributed to me as a person, one that I’ll always hold dear is that regardless of the hiccups we picked up along the way, our travel was that to cherish and was a success we wanted the experience and thats exactly what we got and more, I was taught  to also trust which in our era is a big issue, understanding that not everyone is out to get you was a great learning for me.

Taking this to a different angle, I want to believe that we can also try and relate this to our own experiences and journeys, Sometimes regardless of how we can plan out our life, our tasks and journeys, the road might not always be as smooth, we might along the way be confronted with conflicts which then can make us try question if the ride is really worth it. In our case we would have opted to just turn from the border and be stuck in Swaziland right? But would that be a sweet story to tell? I don’t think so. One thing guaranteed is that you will eventually reach your destination and in most cases you stand a chance to forget all the bad that might have occurred along the way.

Fam, Embrace this life, the end goal is way better than you are anticipating. 

“If Your Mind is in it, you can achieve it” @Hlulani


I’m not good enough(Deadly Imposters)

By far we know that the journey to growth has a way of presenting us the unexpected, the happiness and amongst other things the challenges. so I’m sitting in front of Mugg & Bean so early in the morning as I type this I really hope that the message I need to send really land to the right ears with the kind of intent I would really wish to pass across,I am crossing fingers that the smell of their coffee beans will influence what I’m about to say, looking around me in this restaurant  I realize that everyone and I mean everyone is so focused on their screens(Me included), some their laptop screens and others their phones, this on it’s own it’s portrays a picture of a busy life, people on the move, tasks to be completed and people to engaged with.

While this sounds like something everyone can easily do, I have recently discovered that the way life is structured this days we are often found putting ourselves in a position where we want to be fully aligned with our surroundings. the questions like, “How do I make sure I’m aligned with whats happening around me?”, “How do I remain relevant(this happens a lot in the corporate space)?”, and many other questions.

Those who know me well will tell you that I take this life thing so easy, no complications. whatsoever , I have decided earlier on in life that I’d be that girl who just goes with the flow, and do what I feel is right whenever it feels right, with so much discipline of course, I have vowed to leave a life that will just be as pleasing to me and at least people I hold dear. For the longest time I have also grown to understand that if my mind is into anything I have it in me to achieve it, I have for the longest time treated me as a princess who believes that her daddy is a king and she has access to anything in her daddy ‘s kingdom, this helped me in shaping and channelling my view of the world, I have grown to believe I’m worth it, and because of that I have always challenged myself to even go for the things that looks messy, complicated or sometimes just huge. this has overtime proven to always work, I usually have moments of saying “Gurrl you are the champ”, “Woow Hlulani, well done, I’m so proud of you”, “You did it, Look at God”, “But God neh, you never seize to surprise me, this time I really am in awe #Cryingface”.

But like I mentioned earlier, life has a way of presenting us with different kind of challenges, well I’m a no exception, I also sometime get a share of bad coffee early in the morning, well by the way there’s one that I’d like to really share because this appeared to be a very new and foreign experience for me, well not really foreign, lets just say the experience was really extreme than I’m used to, but you know what they say, the higher you go the colder it becomes. So I recently took a new challenge, I changed jobs and started working in a place I never really imagined I would, well to be honest there has been many places that I found myself pinching myself to validate if I was not in dreamland, and this one is also one of those, normally when I find myself in this kind of position I try to learn my way around the place, find myself a survival kit, search for remote controls to navigate my way around and make me feel homely, well my new challenge was not about to join the party, I soon realized that, I have to un-learn most lessons that I have believed to work in the past, I have had to adapt to a culture that was way different from what I had known to be reality for everyone, my first reaction to this was that, “You got this Hlulani, take a deep breath and go with the flow, grab what you need for now and you will survive this.”. Just when I thought the pep talks with myself would be enough to get me through the challenge, I was genuinely starting to feel like I’m in a sinking ship.

We all know that when that happens, you start paying much attention to yourself and every step you take, I’m a no exception, I started looking closely to the work I was doing, I started looking at the environment I was in, and I also started looking and paying a close attention to the people who are meant to be my peers at the time, and ooh boy I was suddenly hit by this questions that I cannot tell where they appeared from, The deadly “How did you make it here?”, “I don’t think you are that good”, “Well maybe your good is not good enough”, “Someone else is handling this space better than you can”, “Are you even going to survive this space?’, “Who the hell do you think you are”, “You might just be a fraud, and sooner or later someone is going to know you for who you really are”. Boy all this voices were in my head, sadly so they didn’t have a timetable, they had a tendency to just come up anytime of the day, and as soon as I got used to them, they almost became familiar that I almost made a permanent residence for them, and in the process I became so vulnerable, so weak, and before you know it my confidence was taking a cotton candy route, it was soon to be labeled as something I had in my previous life.

In this phase I was even so scared to have someone find out that I’m so vulnerable, well anyway that is not so important in this part of the story. But the sudden realization that this phase was so severe for me made grow even weaker, I became really hard with my self. and thank goodness to the sister-ship, one of my colleague I look at as a sister was so available for me, regardless of being abroad she organized a call that was labeled #BlackGirlMagic, we had a good 2 hours of me just opening up to where I was as far as my state was concerned.  She was a good listener who made it easy for me to just pour out my heart, after listening she then gave me responses that made me feel like this was not a foreign feeling, we all know that as people we want to relate to something, someone or somewhere, that was heartwarming for me, not because it was gonna give me a quick fix as far as my vulnerabilities were concerned , but at least I had somewhere to look up to for comfort or even help.

One other thing she said that got stuck with me was referencing an experience she had from a book that she labeled to have changed her life, she said to me “Be careful not to be in a position where you start to imposter yourself”,  continuing she made me remember that I was worth it, that I deserved to be where I am, that I have a lot of good going on and that is because I’m the right person to do it, and she recommended a book by the name “Lean in”, which as soon as I started reading I found it to be so relatable, I found the realness of how it’s easy to just feel like you are not good,  enough or even not deserving, the next thing you know I was also watching TedTalks on Imposter syndrome,  which was really helpful for me to regain my confidence, well you know what they say, a step closer to a solution in any problem is acknowledging there is a problem in the first place . well I again started believing I am at the right place at the right time for the right reasons, the pep talks started again and this time was more on “I am deserving, I deserve to be here, there wouldn’t be any better person to take on this challenge but me”, I am not about to tell you that this was an easy cut but I’m happy to let you know that that was just a phase for me that I didn’t allow to have a permanent residence in my life, I believe I’m called for greatness and that’s just about it.

I must share that during that phase and now I became a master of understanding other people who are suffering from the imposter syndrome, it is honestly very sad for many because most might not know they have a condition that needs a cure, this can be caused by many scenarios, someone might have grown to be made to believe they are not good enough by how they have always been teased because some parts of their body is unique, or you lead a unique lifestyle that others might feel is not so normal, or you took on a challenge that stretches your abilities and and and.

More than anything I come to bring the message of hope, you don’t deserve this kind of a vulnerable phase, if I could come out, well babe you can, maybe you need to be in a position where you restructure your thinking again, you can start by reversing all the negatives that the voice in your head is preaching.

You are worth it and I mean in it, everyone deserves better in life.

Guys this is one of my heartfelt blogs and I really hope it hits home.


Their pencil – far from my reality

The heated conversations with my friend always gives me evil laughs, trust me in most of them whether I’m wrong or right it always ends up being one of those things where I need to take a trophy home, yay on some who’s the champ vibes, trust me it’s not what you think, it’s a really healthy one’s, nothing hectic, well that reminds me, we actually just had one recently, so she said “Dude I went to watch Fast and Furious 8, amazing!! you need to go watch it, its thee best”, when someone make movie recommendations because they enjoyed it, the expectation is that you will be asking about highlights, the most awesome parts , what they loved the most and all, well I came out as a disappointment, my response was rather cold with zero interest, “Nope there’s no way I’m going to watch that, that’s not my cup of tea”, even though this conversation was on a phone call, my imaginary eyes revealed the shock in her face that was followed by an automatic response “No way bra, everyone loves Fast and Furious, everyone is watching, in fact people were anticipating for the day of the release the moment they knew the production had began working on it(Ok maybe this is a bit exaggerated )”

Sadly my friend didn’t win this one, I was not ready to jump in and attend the party, whether I love or hate Fast and Furious, thats a topic for another day, lets talk about it over a glass of wine haha, but on the real though, this got me thinking about different scenarios we find ourselves melded in. Most of you by now know that I’m a very huge fan of anything that addresses purpose, I believe your purpose makes you unique, somehow the conversation about Fast and Furious reminded of how we for the longest time have been expected to follow a certain pattern, it’s always about the sound way of doing things, how it always worked for us, how it’s very foreign to do somethings only because it’s not been done before. One that get’s stuck with me the most is when people impose their experiences and conclude them to be reality, do not get me wrong, I do believe in drawing inspirations from others, but be careful not to have that as a blocker hindering you from soaring,

It is very much of an honest mistake to follow a pattern that has been created on your behalf because the truth about patterns is that they are structured to never bend, if you happen to bend them you will be considered a rebel who chooses not to listen to those who are wise. Can I just validate that just because it works for someone else it doesn’t mean it will work for me, and again, because it didn’t workout for someone else doesn’t mean I will follow suite, I’m reminded of a saying “Different strokes for different folks”, I cannot stress it enough that we need to be in a position where we stretch our capacity beyond what is known to be doable, doable definition shouldn’t be drawn from who has opened that door before, rather it should be, I am gonna standup and do it because I believe in my capacity, I know in my different attempt I might not get it right but the truth is I will and I can, of course I can always be in a position of seeking help but I am ready to do it my way with the help of God.

So it’s late at night and I’m sitting down thinking of how a pencil has been designed, and part of me cannot help but think of all ideas that people or society has concluded to be everyone ‘s reality as a writing of a pencil, see the truth with this writing is it has been designed with the capability to can be erased any day for as long someone else or the actual writer feels they have something better to put in, and this got me thinking to myself, “Instead of following their writing, I’d really like to help them edit what they have written, simply because I’d love to explore the doors they never dared to open”.

I have lived to realize that following a certain pattern is generational more than anything, more like, “Our father’s did things this way and it always worked for them”, or “We have succeeded doing things like this and we do not see the need to change”, Or “Ow by the way, someone else already tried opening that door, it just never works”. well truth is all this is true, no doubt about that but another part of the truth is, this is not a limit or a barrier for those who are brave to actually question how visible the pencil might be. Do not limit yourself  hunny.


My Own Mirror(The picture I see)


In the world where almost everyone feels the need to define how the next person should live their lives, a world  where a group of individuals are behaving as though they sat down in a boardroom of a company called life and got to draw a manual that in it are several rules, ranging from, how should one put on their clothes, what kind of clothes? to how to approach relationships or rather the perfect way to go the relationship route, it seems as though in this manual there’s a lots and lots of rules as far as how should one follow their believes, it’s daunting I must say.

In the midst of all this madness I was doing my errands and minding my own business when I met this girl, a girl I found really interesting and catchy for one to can want to talk to, and yay we were in an environment that encouraged random conversations, because she was by my place, I made it even worse by preparing a chocolate cake with coffee, ow boy did I know I was encouraging her to sit up and relax and have up and close conversations, we found ourselves speaking church, boys, the traveling, our dreams and how we envision the future to be like. As we were talking with this girl which for the sake of reference allow me to call her Pretty, I got so intriqued by our conversation that was seemingly just encouraged by the special aroma from the Ethiopian  coffee beans, but I later realized that there was more I could draw from our chats. I started telling her about this boy who could be classified as “Mr Potential”(Ow well it’s normal for girls to talk about boys sometimes when they are together). while talking to her she continued asking me few questions that without her noticing I was able to be open-minded as I try figure out if “Mr Potential” was “My Mr Potential”, comparing to many encounters I have had as far as engaging in this kind of conversation, part of me was expecting her to try define and design “Mr Potential” in a manner that is desirable in our explanation and imagination and also how the world ‘s manual looks like. I have in many occasion sat in a place where it was as if we had a checkbook to validate wether “Mr Potential” qualified to be “My Mr Potential”.

I guess pretty was a different breed, my lack of patience had me hitting her with thee question. “So friend, should I give him a chance”? Pretty then started bouncing few questions to me, that had me concluding for myself if I wanted “Mr Potential” to be part of my life. I couldn’t help but love the way Pretty views the world, you see my expectations was that she would have tried and defined a good guy according to the manual that society serves, but nah she surprised me, out of curiosity I then just decided to ask her why she handled our conversation the way she did, and her answer was very simple, “Most society rules are nonsense, and my advice is, do not follow them”, and this got me raising a brow, her honesty was on another level. I couldn’t agree more with her to be honest, looking around me one can’t help but pick a few subjects that society has enrolled a number of individuals that they are now graduates, while I’m saying this I’m reminded of how we were taught to handle the subject of evolution at school, whether evolution was/is wrong or right, it was/is part of the syllabus that you have to somehow master all the theories and just go with the flow for the sake of passing, well what is different with the evolution subject and the society modules is that one has a choice on which modules they want to master.In this times where everyone feels as though their theories have passed the test, you can choose to be a different breed and stay in your own lane, do what feels right by you and your God. If you are to follow the crowd you might end up in some muddy place with no rescue whatsoever.

My advice to you is that slay in your lane and careful what kind of advices you welcome with both arms, and remember, most society rules are nonsense DO NOT BOTHER TO FOLLOW THEM, take only whats right from society and from a distance let all the bad that society serves be examples of routes you never want to be part of..slay in your lane




They that knows me well will tell you of how much I adore and value my friends, and how they mean the world to me, I really have every reason to, most of my friends are genuine  and worth gold, and the very people who can explain all this to you will also tell you of how I cherish my own space, I have grown to love my own space that I regularly schedule meetings with myself, well that’s when Hlulani, Ruth & Hlully comes really handy, because if we are going to have this meetings, stakeholder will have to be part, so yay I have that part figured out,

This time with myself has made me realize how I wanted to do it every now and then, I have grown to notice how much of great ideas I get to come up with as soon I switch off from the world and be with my self, That moment when everything is all about you and you alone, it is in this time that you can either choose to dwell in your miseries if you have any, or either be in a position to just look forward to the tomorrow, and we all know that looking forward to tomorrow for some people means a lots and lots of planning (Action plan), a position where you need to be planning on what you need to be doing and when?

The truth is, it is in our human nature to add value in our life in one way or the other, we all want to be progressing to the next level in this life, it gives us so much satisfaction to be moving forward, while this is the case everyone of us wants to be in that position of putting in the efforts to action, it is not always the case for most people, we have a lot of us having barriers between our need to move forward and our actions, most people are found to be too busy. While being busy is good I found that at times there is a need for us to really define what is really keeping us busy, because if you are going to be busy, we at least have to see the fruits from your busy self, one at least has to be in a position to take a deep breath with ease that “This are results”, “This is the reason I was too busy”. But it is such a pity that one can be too busy, and too occupied with no results to show for it.

I have observed overtime and realized that the main cause for this is that most of us suffer from broken focus, you know of that very moment when you reflect and realize how you would have done so much and how much of bigger dreams and unimplemented ideas you’ve had but never saw them through because you were all over the place to can manage to reach a state of action, this has mostly happened because one has allowed so many unnecessary things to fill up their space and even steal their time, while you had to put in the action you were too busy and the focus was far from you, because the thief of time had came overnight as an attack and you were so welcoming. The time stealer come in different sizes and shapes, it is different things to different people and as he comes through he makes you feel as though you are too bust, that you have so much in your plate and you need to push all you’d rather be doing and focusing on what looks like real work but unfortunately produces no real results.

What I love about broken focus is that it can be repaired and the very best way to do so is when you are in a position where focus is broken, one needs to take a step back and redefine what busy means to them? is it the results ? well if yes then one will have to sit back and do self-check, after you’ve defined the nature of the thief stealing your time then you are in a position to easily scrap him away, one needs to be true to themselves in this state, try re-define what really matter to you, try be selfish with your space, WELL YOU ARE SOO ALLOWED TO TRY THIS AT HOME FAM!!

Lets get panelbeating, you need to want it so hard to see it through.

“If your mind is in it, you can achieve it” @Hlullyr

“A” Deep Breath, It’s a new season


Phew, how did it happen so fast,

It feels like the year had just began and before you know it, we are going back to the excitement, closing off and season, and it means we got a new one coming up, and that is now, while closing off the season means different things to different people, it’s time for reflection, reflecting on the good, the great, and the worst, many gets ecstatic thinking of all that has happened throughout the year, and sadly for some people it was a terrible season and they are happy its over.

Ow well I felt like saying the things that everybody already know, with a belief that it rings the bells in someone ’s ears, Ok reminder: it is a new season, So you know what that means right? New me yay(Kidding)!

I actually do not really believe the whole “New Year, New me” situation, well if it works for you bigups,

I actually came here to talk about the new year ’s resolutions, being something I don’t really do my self I just happen to know things I would like to achieve  before the year end, and over the years I honestly have grown to understand that nothing comes easy, one have to put the work, a little sweat will honestly do the magic. Being a person very strong in faith I believe God fertilizes our land and as I plant I do not toil.

May we understand that writing down the resolutions won’t get everything we’ve jotted down into life until that time one steps up and do some work,Yay the Grind!! Thats actually what I meant to say, may you do things differently this year. Maybe this is the time when one needs to sit down and reflect on all the things you’ve always wanted happening in your life, did you manage to see them manifesting to life? Was it a dismal fail? Did you get discouraged after trying too hard with results to show for it? Were you forced out of action and felt it was the end of you?

Well if your answer to any question above is “yes”, you might want to continue reading, I’m about to remind you of the things you already know, the truth is we all need that one person to tell us the things we already know, with hope that it carries a different or rather new meaning. Sometimes you need to just want it so hard that no obstacle can try and convince you otherwise. Regardless of how the trying times gets to turn and toss you in all directions I strongly believe there is still a percentage of strength left within you, you can still take a next step, your break might be near, Yep Grind Gurl. For some of you reading this, you might want to cut off the time you invest on meaningless activities, you know that thing standing between your big idea and your action, you know it better than I do, 2017 won’t work until you do. For some of you only need to let go off things bombarding your precious,

Yooh talking about offloading, good Lord, guys kefodile(Completely healed). this is something that I’m really talking from experience, I have no idea what is filling your heart and having you stuck, but I still remember of the time when I was moving really really slow in most thing concerning my life and all because my heart was heavy, well most of you might have read the blog I once wrote about “The heartbreak”, well sorry if you never got to read it because I took it down after sometime, but what I’m trying to outline is the danger of keeping toxic staff in your heart, it’s really not worth it, the poison spreads to your whole system until a point where for some people it slows down the movement, nobody wants such, so I guess this is the time you decide to let go, I vutomi boss(It’s life hey).

Ok and for some people there is a need to just take responsibility, you know the group of people who would do anything to find wrongs in their surroundings but themselves, this group of people would do anything to paint blames on obstacles that they believe it’s the reason they haven’t taken the next step, MAY YOU DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY IN THIS SEASON, OWN IT, IT’T YOURS.

You can add to the points mentioned above, the bottom line here is that we all own 2017, make it work.

As you do that, may your not doubt yourself because you are worth it.

Happy 2017(I hope I’m not that late)